RTO Application

Rent To Own Application
  • John Steven Smith (First - Middle - Last)
  • Type the address of the home you are interested in.
  • Your current full home address
  • All landlord names, their contact information and the addresses that you lived at for the past 5 years
  • How many total people will live in the home
  • Go to creditkarma.com (or something similar) it's free
  • The option deposit will be credited toward the home's purchase price should you qualify for a home loan at the end of the lease term.
  • This includes the option deposit and first months rent
  • Approximately, how much do you have in checking and savings (if you have a checking or savings account)
  • Provide the name of the company you work for, the address, phone number, supervisor's name, how long you have worked there, your current position and average hours worked each week.
  • List a minimum 3 references (non relatives). Include name, phone number, address and relationship.
  • Please read carefully and type your full name if you agree to the following: Applicant certifies that the information contained in this application is true and correct and you authorize the release of information from your references. You also authorize the release of information from this application for the purposes of a background/credit check. Should the Applicant be denied or face other adverse action based on information received in a consumer report, the Applicant has a right to obtain a free copy of the consumer report, and to dispute the accuracy of the information it contains by contacting: Fidelis Screening Solutions, LLC, 4534 Clinton St, Suite 2, West Seneca, NY 14224. Phone: 1-888-877-8501 Applicant understands that false or misleading information is grounds for immediate disqualification and loss of any payments made. Applicant agrees by typing their name that all payments are non refundable unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.